September 15, 2015

Traffic Monsoon A Real Review

Score out of 10: 9/10
Membership/Sign Up Cost: FREE. 
Behind the scenes: Charles Scoville


As you’ll have seen in my other post, traffic exchanges have been used to drive traffic to websites since the beginning of time. They are not a new concept, in fact they are a natural part of many online entrepreneurs’ marketing activity.  HOWEVER>>>>

Markets evolve, and in recent years the industry has moved from rewarding members (clickers) with website traffic, to rewarding members with COLD HARD CASH and that led to many many of these types of sites opening…and some disappearing overnight!

SCAM traffic exchangHardworke (PTC) sites are a plenty.  Although, to stay impartial, it is probably more accurate to call them MIS-MANAGED rather than call them SCAMS.

Finding good quality PTC sites can be an uphill struggle and considering the scale that Traffic Monsoon is growing to, I felt compelled to write about


A real review can only really be written by someone on the inside so it’s great to feel good about sharing whats really going on.  When you find a diamond among the rough, there’s something really satisfying about it.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

As I write this report, it is coming up to the 1st anniversary of Traffic Monsoon. The company was launched on 10th October 2014 and within 3 weeks had delivered over 3.5million visitors to the websites of advertisers and members. Only 5 out of 100 of the established exchanges (whose data is available via currently deliver that volume of visitors. That is a staggering amount of traffic for any established exchange, so for a 3 week old business?? It was a good sign that Traffic Monsoon was providing something very unique in a saturated mistrusted marketplace.

Traffic Monsoon promotes itself from 2 positions:-

  1. A revenue sharing platform
  2. An advertising company

It is aimed at individuals or groups (that includes small businesses or charity organisations) and it claims to provide “Low Cost Advertising Services” & “Help Advertisers Reach Success”.

The revenue sharing is provided ONLY to members who purchase the specialised digital product called “AdPack”.  In return for buying a $50 AdPack, the member receives a $55 rebate, (paid hourly over approx 55 days) 1000 advertising credits (to be used to drive traffic to a website of the members choice) plus 20 banner advertisements/clicks.  The more AdPacks owned, the more revenue shared.  (I’ll come back to the revenue sharing later).

In a Nutshellwalnut shell

  1. Traffic Monsoon sells various online advertising services (see below)
  2. The services can be used by Home Based Businesses, SME’s, Large Corporate Organisations or anyone wanting to generate online exposure (Pornography & gambling sites are against the terms of service)
  3. The services will drive web visitors to your targeted website, blog, offer or referral link (where you convert that into income)
  4. The profit from 24hrs ago is paid to ACTIVE members every hour (ACTIVE = Has clicked 10 websites within the 24hr period AND has at least 1 active AdPack)
*There are no guarantees on the amount of money you receive in shared revenue per day, it is completely tied to the company profit & number of sales the site has.

The Products & Services

When providing a real review it is important to establish if there is a product/service…and if so, is it a product/service that will stand on its own 2 feet without money coming into the system from membership fees.

Traffic Monsoon has 9 products and according to the website, they share the profit from 6 of those.  This is supported by all company presentations which confirm that approx 95% of the total company revenue comes from advertising services (as opposed to AdPacks bought by members).   The 6 services from which profit is shared >>>>>>>>

  • Pay-Per-Click Banner Ad Campaigns
  • Pay-Per-Click Text Ad Campaigns
  • Traffic Exchange Start Pages
  • Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases
  • Monsoon Traffic Packages
  • Login Ads
  • Free Traffic Rotator
(The profit share is calculated based on the profit made in the previous 24 hours.  This appears to be a great security feature and one overlooked in the past by other similar sites/services).

The “Log In Ad” service represents phenomenal value and I have never seen anything like it in many years.   The service provides your website with exclusive full screen, full exposure to everyone who logs in to the Traffic Monsoon website over a 24 hour period.  When you consider that Traffic Monsoon now has over 1 million members who log in between 1 & 3 times per day, and each must view that website for 10 seconds before being given access to the site!!!  I have received feedback of very good sign up results from using that service.

“Monsoon Traffic Packages” are an external traffic service which provides web traffic from across the globe via other websites.  The traffic can be geo-targeted (if you are not familiar with GEO targeting, its one of the options available when advertising via Facebook. It is not readily available as a service to most traffic exchanges/PTC sites) at an additional cost, meaning the website that you want to promote can be shown in just the country/region/city of your choice.  2500 visitors start at $5.00.

Traffic Monsson Ad Prices

“Traffic Exchange Credits” can be purchased to show your website on the traffic exchange via the manual Surfing option.  Members can Surf as many websites as they choose and they are paid credits for doing so.  These credits can be used to advertise their own websites.  Members taking part in the revenue sharing MUST surf 10 websites per day to qualify for their revenue share so there are plenty motivated viewers of your advert if you purchase Traffic Exchange Credits.

“PPC Text & Banner ads” are placed around the site without cluttering it (as in many other traffic exchanges).  These are not compulsory to click and so the quality/conversion rates are very high!  The visitor is genuinely interested in your offer or ad so this ad service is a very good purchase if your offer has a high quality page behind it.

The Background

Charles Scoville is the CEO of Traffic Monsoon and has made a point of making himself the visible figurehead in an industry which is flooded by invisible “admins”!   Very few sites of this nature are as open about their ownership as Charles Scoville has been and he admits that his pre-online background in customer service has provided him with a clear understanding of how to keep his members happy.

You may recognize Charles’ name?  He has run a number of similar businesses in the past, details of which can be found here.

Charles Scoville

Many people seem to recognize Charles from the scandal which surrounded Ad Hits Profits (Members went for months without receiving payments).  Visit the link above for more information about this.  In brief, Ad Hits Profit used Payza as a payment processor and the US Government seized Payza and froze all accounts a few years ago.  This affected all online businesses who were using Payza as a processor and had nothing to do with Charles.  Once the Payza accounts were released, all Ad Hits Profits members were paid and that business is still running to date.  Charles appears to be incredibly open about his past and this is really refreshing to see.

The Earnings…How To Make Money With Traffic Monsoon?


There are 2 pretty important points to make before discussing the income options with Traffic Monsoon.

The first point – Traffic Monsoon costs $0 to join and there are no ongoing running costs or membership fees.  (Despite over 1 million members, Charles Scoville has opted not to charge even $1 per month, which would make him a multi millionaire!!) To get a free account and check it out for yourself – click here

The second point – Traffic Monsoon is NOT an investment and shouldn’t be treated as such.  Yes, the returns on your purchase of AdPacks can grow substantially if you “work” the business appropriately but it is not a financial vehicle and none of the management team, members or affiliates claim to provide any financial advice.

There are 4 ways to earn money via Traffic Monsoon.
  1. Use the advertising to promote your product/service and make money from your product/service
  2. The FREE WAY!  Clicking Cash-Links (ppc adverts)
  3. Participating in the revenue sharing programme (buying AdPacks)
  4. Another FREE WAY!  Promoting the services

Lets look at each one separately

1 – Use the advertising.

This will vary for every customer/member.  Purchase any one of the 9 advertising methods and grow your business.

You can initially join as a FREE member and in return for visiting the websites of other members, you will receive advertising credits, which you then cash in for visitors to your own site.  You can have 1 credit (1 visitor to your own website) for every 2 sites you visit.  (Known as a 2:1 ratio)

2 – Cash-links

These are advertisements which have been paid for by the advertiser at a slightly higher rate.  In return for clicking the ad (and looking around the website until the timer has expired), you will receive a pre-determined amount of money.

This is a great way to introduce people to Traffic Monsoon as they can register for free and play around on the site making extra money as they go.  Traffic Monsoon is available worldwide and there are many countries with a lower economy than the UK & USA where the cashlink income is proving to be invaluable!  Who do you know in less well developed countries that can click a mouse?  Pennies to us may be fortunes to them.

Trafficmonsoon Cashlinks

3 – Revenue Sharing (Buy AdPacks)

Surf 10 websites and unlock profit share for 24hours. – (Ratio automatically changes to 1:1)

This is where the majority of members seem to get most enthused.   For every AdPack purchased at $50, they will receive a total rebate of $55.  This is paid incrementally, every hour, over the subsequent days (as long as the member has surfed 10 websites via the system AND holds active sharing postions/AdPacks).

Note - It currently takes approx 54-55 days to receive the entire 110% rebate, although the website and terms make it clear that this amount and time frame are in no way guaranteed and are specifically tied to the profitability of Traffic Monsoon and the sale of its advertising services.

Remember, these profit shares are paid from the profits generated yesterday.  As I mentioned, that’s a great security feature and protects against fraudulent funds being held in cyberspace (as per some of the old Payza/AdHitsProfits issues).

Most members work the system of…

More AdPacks = More revenue sharing positions = More income.

As such, they buy additional packs once their hourly income has built to $50 and they withdraw according to various strategies to suit their income goals.

Income Strategies I am aware of include:-

  • Buy AdPacks all month then withdraw 28th, 29th, 30th of the month
  • Buy AdPacks all week then withdraw every Saturday & Sunday
  • Buy more AdPacks with overnight profits before 10am then withdraw the daily profits after 7pm

There is no maximum on the number of AdPacks which can be held.   This makes the earnings genuinely uncapped (and quite frighteningly high).  In order to earn revenue share, AdPacks can be purchased from earnings or bought outright via payment processors like Paypal or Solid Trust Pay (although anyone wishing to buy more than 1000 AdPacks to start with, will require authorisation at the highest level and payment may be available by bank transfer upon request).

**A note for those with industry experience**  
The idea of no cap on the AdPacks and UNCAPPED earnings may appear unsustainable.  Charles and the financial team assure us that there is no need for a CAP as this business (unlike other similar businesses) has a large portion of its income generated from external traffic, external advertisers and thus external profits.  An entirely "internal" system of advertising can only be sustained by capping the purchase levels.

4 – Promoting the services

Any member can promote the services of Traffic Monsoon & receive a commission on the subsequent purchase.  When you become a free member you will receive your own personal affiliate link.

If you provide this link to anyone and they go on to purchase services or become a member, you then receive 100% of their cashlink income and/or 10% of their purchases.

To put that into context…

  • If someone earns $10 per month from clicking cash-links, then so do you.  If 10 people you refer earn $10 per month, you earn $100 (and the amount of people you refer is uncapped).
  • If someone you refer buys 100 AdPacks at a total of $5000, you earn an immediate $500.  As that person accrues hourly income, they will usually continue to buy $100 of AdPacks per day from their profits (compounding their income significantly) and paying you $10+ per day commission on top of the original $500. Again, if you referred 10 people who purchased 100 AdPacks as above, your commissions would be tenfold.

Essentially, these people become your customers.  They are not buying from you, but THROUGH you, as with any other affiliate programme.  Your commission is payable on the lifetime of their purchases.  Whether from AdPacks or Advertising services.


I have used the system in testing now for a few weeks before being able to write the Traffic Monsoon Real Review.  During that time I have had 4 sign ups to an affiliate betting programme, 3 opt ins to a lead generation business and 1 sign up to a blogging service.  All from various Traffic Monsoon Services.

I did not put any money into Traffic Monsoon.  I used the Cash-Links, referral links and the advertising to generate income and I have been able to withdraw to Paypal within seconds of requesting monies. (Traffic Monsoon claim to deal with all payments within 24 hours; I’ve never had to wait for more than 24 seconds).Traffic Monsson Withdrawal Button

How to withdraw money from Traffic Monsoon?

On the account dashboard, there is a GREEN WITHDRAW button.  Click that, type in the amount that you wish to withdraw.  Select your payment processor (I use Paypal) and the money usually arrives in the Paypal account within seconds.

The minimum withdrawal allowed is $2.  There is no limit on the number of withdrawals that can be made in a day BUT withdrawals cannot be done between 5mins either side of the hour (whilst revenue share payments are taking place).Paypal Screenshot

Other Important Factors

Alexa Ranking

Alexa is the worlds most recognized site for web statistics.  The rankings in Alexa work in numerical order based on the scale of the website versus all other websites.

  • Alexa #1 –
  • Alexa #2 –
  • Alexa #7 –
  • Alexa #88 –
  • Alexa #1560 –

To see the current Alexa for Traffic Monsoon, click here.  (It was ranked at over 60,000 in October 2014 and is now in the top 1000 most visited websites in the world).

Security Layers

Access to the site is Captcha secure, as is access to web surfing and Cash Links.

Withdrawals are secured with a personal PIN number as well as needing your password/username.

Only 1 account can be used per IP address to avoid “stacking” and de-frauding the system.  Accounts are blocked if you try to log in from an IP address where someone has logged on Traffic Monsoon in the last 24hours.

Rating & Overview

As a business tool, I would give 7/10.  The advertising is exactly what it says on the tin but the traffic is weighted toward home based businesses/opportunity seekers.  Admittedly, everyone needs everything (so there isn’t a business that shouldn’t use TM) but, for example, a florist or many other small businesses would wish to refine their adverts more specifically than just by geography.

Actually, a more accurate rating would be 6/10 for SME’s,
9/10 for MLM & Network Marketing Businesses.

——–              ———-                ————-              ————-               ————-

As a business opportunity/income stream, I would give 9/10.

The ownership and support is transparent and abundant.  There is a try before you buy option (as well as a don’t buy at all option).  The services are in demand and work successfully.  I am happy to be part of the membership and will continue to do so after this report is complete.  If you think this might be a business for you, you are happy with your research/due diligence and wish to join me generating an income from the lucrative advertising industry, click here and register for free then drop me an email.

Remember, you can do this for fun and make a little money, do it for sport and aim for success targeting your main business (the advertising is great) or reach for the stars and build a substantial income with no boundaries.  You decide.Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

I hope you found this report useful and I’d love to here your thoughts?  If you are already involved in TM, I’d also love to here your feedback and testimonials.  Comment below and share in the discussion.

To your success.



September 15, 2015 @ 11:38 am

Just read your review and thank you for it being so informative. I am a TM member and am fairly new so love the detail you have put into the all of the possible areas of earning. I have gained more insight into the business as a result. Love the new income possibilities that TM offers.


Rich Green
September 15, 2015 @ 12:44 pm

Hey Darilyn,

Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you got some value from it. TM has quickly become my top business recommendation for new starters. I’m so happy that you’re enjoying it.



Vaughan Hughes
September 20, 2015 @ 5:26 pm

Hi Rich.

I am waiting for some funds to get started with Adpacks. Cant wait.

You have done a very good job on this review which is balanced and should be taken seriously by those reading it.

See you soon.


Rich Green
September 21, 2015 @ 9:07 am

Hi Vaughan,
Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I’m excited for you getting started, it will be one hell of a ride! Have you checked out my new Youtube Channel, ‘Traffic Monsoon in 60 seconds’?
You might find some useful bits and pieces there. Subscribe to be kept notified of new videos and updates.
Have a great week.



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