Where did the money come from?

One of the most common questions are, Where did the money come from?

I found this text on one FB group that will explain where the money will be generated in Traffic Monsoon

Jamie Roquai wrote in the international group

”I took the liberty of reposting David’s FB post.
After reading this you still doubt about joining me on TM ?
David Barker spoke with Charles the other night when the topic of revenue sharing reserve came up : Currently there is nearly 29 million.
Now let me explain what this means to those that don’t ”get it”.
Traffic Monsoon offers 9 services. 1 of the services that are offered is comparable to a ”combo meal” in the words of Charles. You receive 20 ppc credits (pay per click) to your banner, 1,000 TE credits (Traffic Exchange), and then also your $50 dollar purchase will be eligible to receive revenue sharing up to $55 from revenue earned on the site. In order to qualify for these shared site revenue its simple, click 10 ads within 24 hrs. Your timer will then allow an active adpack to earn for up
The system is set to distribute a percentage of the revenue to members adpacks hourly. So when we have high and low varying sales days the amount will remain the same. Anything in excess of the normal % to give back to members is then sent into ”reserves” which is what is so impressive. These funds are there as I stated to keep the earnings consistent on members ends from overall sales. It is 29 million and increasing daily this means a lot of sales are being generated from all 9 services not just 1!
Okay that combo deal (adpack) is awesome what about the other 8 services?
Now there is the login ad, start pages, text ads, ppc credits for 3 banner sizes, and then direct te credits. With adpacks this is a total of 9 services.
Members can buy each of the mentioned above services which go into the revenue sharing pool, these funds are not in the form of adpacks so if you think about where does TM get the 5$ to cover the $50 purchase of an adpack? Now with these being a HIGH demand ask many members they all buy them I have bought each of these services as well. These extra services pretty much cover the 5$ gain plus the 10% commission from purchases. So if you ask how can it be sustained? It is based on sales volume just as with any other business.
This is why it is amazing to see that in just 14 months TM has built a reserve funds for the members and a business that generates some of the best traffic I have ever bought online and that is a fact! TM is built on quality services that give you that urge to buy more as it builds your business and in return for having such great results sales keep coming!
In 2016 TM looks to introduce additional services as well which have not been released to the public. So as usual Charles is looking to expand our services and provide members with what they want!”

Charles Scoville

Charles Scoville



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